Dimple is a kind of charm. A very attractive charm. It can make someone into a warm-smiling person. Making dimples are the simple surgery, the patient can continue to working on the same day of surgery.  It will make patient's face looks sweeter. Especially when they're smiling.



The galleries below show the examples of the patient with a sweet smile. Some want only one side dimple.


FAQs dimple

Q:  Does the scar show up on the cheek?

  • No. The scars will be shown up inside the cheek bulges.  The sutues will be dissolved by itself after a week.

Q:  Can patient continue to normal activities and eating?

  • Yes, patients can instantly continue working and eating.

Q:  Will the cheeks swell?

  • Normally it will have only dimples, this dimples will be shown up all the time for about 1-2 months, and will gradually turn into dimples that show only when you're smiling.


Dimples price

Standard price is starting at only 11,500 bath for both sides (medication is not included), and 6,00 baht for one side.




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