Chin augmentation

Like any augmented surgery, chin augmentation can change someone into a new better one.



FAQs chin augmentation

Q:  Where is the scar will appear?

  • around under the chin which can hardly see if look straight in front of the face.  The scars will be gradually faded after a period of time.

Q:  Can patients choose to surgery in mouth?

  • Yes, but this way is hard to keep the wound clean. If the silicone is infect with diseases, patient must remove the silicone.  It means surgery around under the chin seems to be a better choice.

Q:  Will it swelling?

  • Swelling usuallyl gets better in a week

Q:  Can patients continue to work?

  • Patients can go back to work after taking a 1-2 days rest.



Chin silicone type

We use medical grade silicone from Japan, Korea, U.S.A. All of them passed Thai FDA already.


Chin augmentation price

Standard price start at 19,500 bath.



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