We provide cosmetic surgery.

with a responsibility for over a decade.

Our clinic...

  • Standard surgery room
    The operating room is modern, clean and fully equipped.
  • Professional team
    An experienced surgical team make a standard output to serve you professionally.
  • Convenience
    Clinic is located in Hua Hin. We also service people in Prachuap and Phetchaburi.

- I was recently in Hua Hin for a few weeks Dr Pongsak did chin and jowl liposuction and my top eyes He is an amazing Doctor who took great care in making my appearance extremely natural Since I'v e been back in Australia everybody is telling me how great I look The difference is amazing but natural I would never have had the same care and also amazing cost in Australia congratulations to Dr Pongsak and staff for their professionalism and care Thankyou.


- I forgot how awful they looked before surgery........thank you sooooooo very much :). Words can not express how much happier I am now with these new implants....I am in tears while I am writing this to you as I am so thankful.....

Rosina K.

- I had my upereyes done. After a few hard days with ice on, I now have a perfect result .


- I'd done double-eyed surgery 3 months ago. Since I did not have any problems, everything is ok, I feel so confident. Thank you very much. The service is very good. 👍👍👍

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